Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie

How actress Margot Robbie ended up marrying her roommate

The Australian worked with the most beautiful men in the Hollywood industry: Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio. So, how did she end up falling in love for one of her roommates from her London house? Read more below.

  • Tom Ackerley is a British movie director and producer who worked in films like Mission Impossible, Brothers Grimsby, Last Day on Mars and I, Tonya.
  • The pair meet in 2013 during the filming of the movie Suite Francaise. Tom was an assistant and Margot played Celine (before she became famous for The Wolf of Wall Street).
  • They lived together in a London house with other industry workers and started falling in love secretly until the entire crew found out.
Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley. Source: Getty Images

Margot is only 30 years old, and is already married. But at the beginning, it wasn't like this. "I never thought we would fall in love, it was more flirting and kissing than anything else". They shared a house with other 5 assistant directors.

 Because everyone was working in London in different movies (Margot was acting in Tarzan), they spent their time going out and chilling in a house that looked more like a fraternity.

Everyone was close friends with each other, so they tried to keep their relationship secret until everyone found out! Even after getting married in Byron Bay, Australia in 2017, they continued to live with them. Robbie even confessed she sleeps with her husband and someone else... a stuffed rabbit called Bunny from her childhood

"My husband always throws him out of bed when we start having fun because it's weird for him". Friendship, love and stuffed animals for this amazing actress!

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