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How actor Zac Efron trains for his shirtless movies

From scenes in the locker room with High School Musical, cooking shirtless in the film Neighbors and saving lives in Baywatch, Zac needs to be super fit for every movie that eventually, the public loves! How does he manage to maintain his extraordinary shape? Check it out!

  • On his official YouTube channel he has a specific playlist where he invites famous guests like NFL athletes, famous actors, models and even YouTubers like the Texans Dude Perfect to talk about their routine and life. The California Casanova is 5'9″ (1.75 m) and has great genetics.
  • He follows an impressive diet and workout routine that will tire you just from reading it!

"Achieving muscle is easier for him than taller actors due to his complexity", says his personal trainer Patrick Murphy, who is known for changing the bodies of other Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz, Alexandra Daddario and Daniela Ruah. For the movie Baywatch, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Efron needed to be up to his level.

Zac and The Rock during the filming of Baywatch

"We did everything from power to strength training and even balance". They divided the actor’s days, depending on the muscle area to put focus on with up to 700 repetitions per day!

He followed a whole-foods diet, without flour, sugar and only 3 cheat meals monthly. The result? Amazing slow motion scenes for the public to be captivated with his Greek-god-lookalike body.

Zac grilling for his film "Neighbors" where he plays a fraternity leader. Source: Alamy

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