Jennifer Lopez in  beauty contest Nuestra Belleza Latina in Miami

How Jennifer Lopez looks like 30 when she is actually 51

The Latin star is a diva in every way: she can act, dance and sing. It's impossible not being impressed by her sculpted physique and entrepreneurship skills. Read more below to see 3 methods she uses to stay forever young!

By  Estefania Martínez
  • From using sunscreen to meditation, the star follows a strict healthy rule.
  • Everyone can apply her principles and maintain a fabulous shape.
  • Having a net worth of almost $400 million helps to pay the best skincare and treatments in the world.

After her plans of buying the MLB team New York Mets with her husband Alex Rodriguez, the fans are thriving over the fact that doesn't show any signs of slowing down. But all of her glory, fame and money, take a lot of work.

1. Don't stop. Lopez never skips a workout. Every day, she does something to power her body: stretching, weights and cardio.

JLo only drinks natural juices or water

2. The Zero-Rule. JLo repeatedly says in interviews that her great secret is not to drink alcohol, smoke, or take any caffeinated beverages. By sleeping good seven or eight hours per day, you have enough energy to start your days.

JLo being carefully in the shadow away from the sun

3. Away from the sun. She uses sunscreen everyday she is in her mansion in Miami or enjoying a day at the sea. Also, after a day exposing herself to ultraviolet rays, she applies moisturizer on her body.

Extra secret: about her situation in bed, she is active at least once a day.

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