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How Emmys 2020 changed the future of entertainment events

We have survived the MTV VMAs and now we are going to thrive with Emmy Awards. What next? Billboard and the Tonys. We love home office and this type of events where producers need to think upon the last detail in order to make it. But is this the future? The conclusion, below. 

  • Virtual concerts, celebrities making sketches from home and a lot of streaming is the theme from 2020.
  • Event producers need to change their paradigms and the clothing brands make "shiny pieces" to be displayed from home.
  • Bright colors and athleisure wear is the trend that is staying.

How many of us dreamed of traveling the world while working from home? Some years ago, unless you were an IT engineer, it was almost impossible.

After this pandemic, millions of new job were doable from home. And there is no looking back. Even in the entertainment industry, actors are getting used to filming themselves and doing sketches with the proper distance.

The Emmys 2020 are changing the world!

Seeing how Emmys kept the audience online, reaching every country of the world and making an event that used to last 24 hours an entire week, everybody is enjoying its benefits.

Yes, it's weird not seeing our favorite celebrities walking the red carpet, but on the positive note, everybody is there, we can enjoy it longer and from everywhere.

As of this moment, I am writing with my laptop and have my cellphone streaming the event from the wonderful calm of a golf club. How awesome is this? Let's take a moment to enjoy and see the positive things this new era have brought us and embrace it the best way we can!

Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart

Experto en Medios Digitales. Fanático de los autos, y cualquier vehículo que se mueva. Alumni Universidad de San Diego+ info

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