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Host Ellen DeGeneres is ready to leave her famous TV show

The multimillionaire LGBTQ supporter, TV host and Hollywood celebrity is ready to quit amid allegations of the toxic environment she generated in the last 20 years of her successful "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". Read more below.

  • 10 former employees claimed they went through ugly experiences including racism, fear and intimidation.
  • Executives at Warner Bros and Telepictures had meetings with the famous host and apparently, everything might come to an end.
  • The staff blamed not only Ellen, but the show’s executives to encourage and foster hostile situations.

Ellen broke her silence and according to the employees, she didn't take full responsibility and shifted to the show’s managers. A former staff, who wished to remained anonymous stated "DeGeneres is a hypocrite, who praises love and kindness in her social media but in reality, she created a toxic culture inside her workplace for several years".

Ellen DeGeneres is facing public outrage concerning her attitude while working

Another one said "she is here only for the money and fame, she hates her job". Being the best rated show of the network, it will be hard to decide what happens next, but insiders already think British James Corden will be the next prime time entertainer.

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