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Hollywood casting failures that made other actors succeed

It's not that easy to be on Hollywood, and some stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde and Mahershala Ali got rejected in major films and TV series castings. Read the incredible stories below!

  • TV show "Friends" could have been way different, as well as "Game of Thrones"and "Gossip Girl".
  • Despite great performances on other movies, these stars weren't hired for some roles they wanted.
  • Due to the large number of actors wanting a role, in the Hollywood castings you have normally one chance to prove yourself.

Castings are really hard. From waiting, to learning your lines and then performing excellent in that exact moment as well as liking the producing companies. That might be the reason why the actors that make it to Hollywood, get superb salaries.

Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to be on "Gossip Girl". Josh Schwartz, the show creator, found out years later. Apparently, she wasn't good enough for the role and Blake Lively got the part in the TV series that was 6 years on air.

Mahershala Ali and Nonso Anozie

Oscar winner Mahershala Ali wasn't really famous when he auditioned for the role of Xaro Daxos on "Game of Thrones" and when he was invited on Jimmy Kimmel’s Late Night Show he told the story about how that was his worst performance in his entire life. "I was really prepared to act from a chair and when I got to HBO offices, they had only a bank and I felt totally uncomfortable".

Tiffani Thiessen and Jennifer Aniston

Tiffani Thiessen almost stole the role to Jennifer Aniston for "Rachel" on Friends. Her casting was great, but at the time she was too young compared to the rest of the cast. Clearly, the right choice was made because Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beloved actresses in entertainment thanks to her performance and beauty.

Other actors got amazing roles without experience: Check them out!

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