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Here's why OnlyFans is trending in the news!

There's a new website in the market where big celebrities can share the hidden parts of their lives with loyal fans only. Keep reading to find out which celebrities have joined the space.

  • OnlyFans was founded by Timothy Stokely, 37, is a banker's son who lives in London, United Kingdom.
  • The website made a striking increase in popularity during the lockdown, with about 42% new subscribers in the last six months.
  • 50 million users is currently the amount of users the platform has.
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It's not entirely new since the service was introduced back in 2016, by Timothy Stokely. But the website had recently gained momentum when big celebrities like Cardi B and Bella Thorne started joining the team.

The website offers a paid subscription to most of the celebrities profiles where you can have access to their pictures and videos that usually don't make it to other social media platforms. It could be anything from explicit content to behind the scene videos depending on how comfortable celebrities are with sharing their lives.

The website hit a boom when Beyoncé mentioned the site's name in the remix of Megan Thee Stallion's song “Savage.” Reportedly the website gained 15% traffic. Let's have a look at how many stars are already using the website.

1. Cardi B

The WAP singer is the newest member on the website. The first thing Cardi informed the fans was that they wouldn't see any inappropriate content. The singer's account is available for subscription in just $4.99/month.

Black Chyna. Source: Twitter

2. Blac Chyna

Angelina Rene White joined OnlyFans back in April and promised to provide fans some racy content as she charges $20 for a month's subscription.

Bella Thorne. Source: Twitter

3. Bella Thorne

The former Disney Channel star just made her debut on the website, and she has already earned $2 million in only two days. However, the actress has been facing backlash since people assume that the actress is exploiting other workers, and their jobs are at risk because of her.

Farrah Abraham Souce: Getty Images

4. Farrah Abraham

The reality TV show “Teen Mom” personality is known for sharing explicit content in the past. She has been on OnlyFans for a long while now, and fans can subscribe for $7.99/ month.

Sonja Morgan. Source: Getty Images

5. Sonja Morgan

The 56 years old TV actress and reality show “The Real Housewives of New York City” star is also present on OnlyFans. The subscription is available for $4.99 a month.

The platform aims to provide financial stability to sex workers who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 lockdown. Or any person who is willing to join can earn some bucks from the website depending on their content and how many subscribers they attain.

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