Harry & Meghan reality show is bigger than the Kardashians!

Harry & Meghan reality show is bigger than the Kardashians!

We’re delighted with the super exciting news from our favorite modern royals! Prince Harry & Meghan Markle agreed to star in a Netflix reality show that will document their authentic lives. Scroll down as we reveal the surprising details about their announcement!

  • Harry and Meghan stepped down as members of the royal family at the end of March looking for personal and financial independence.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have founded a production company and signed a deal with Netflix worth $100 Million.
  • The couple have set up a production firm to create their films and documentaries and are committed to diverse hiring practices for its key roles, Netflix has indicated.
  • They’ve agreed to star a reality series with the famous American streaming entertainment company that will follow their real lives for three months.

This is a dream come true if you wish for the best reality series on earth! Imagine having the chance to see the everyday lives of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I think the Kardashians will be green with envy because this is going to be such a big hit!

Ok, we know the show will focus on the couple doing charity work because the royals are the kindest people and generous philanthropists. It will still be awesome to have an insight into their lives. Meghan promises to show the audience her real self.

We admire this fascinating couple. They really have guts to stand up in front of the UK monarchy, leaving everything behind in search of freedom in the U.S. Now they want to reflect their real, true selves. They’re living life on their own terms!

Harry and Meghan to star reality show for Netflix

Harry and Meghan’s TV show will be epic and the most viewed show on Netflix. Is this the begging of real royal entertainment and the end of an era for the KUWTK?

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