Halle Berry

Halle Berry's 4 step workout routine for an amazing body!

The Hollywood star loves to workout! Here are her secrets to achieve an incredibly fit body in your 50s. 

  • The Academy Award winning actress is serious about her training not only for her acting roles but for life in general.
  • Berry trained like an MMA fighter for her upcoming role as Sofia in “John Wick 4.”
  • Her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas says the actress works harder in the gym than anyone he knows.

Thomas has been training Berry for years and he said he has never met anybody who is as dedicated as she is. About her upcoming role he said Berry is in prime shape. “All of our training has lead up to where she is now with the demands of her character.”

Thomas has reveled her secret workout routine and here it is:

1. Since the actress is known for performing her own stunts, Thomas includs martial arts, boxing, strength and conditioning, and yoga so she stays healthy and strong on set. "She really transforms into the character” says Thomas who recently posted a sweet message for the actress' birthday.

2. Berry is a morning person so they train in the AM. “We do some workouts that take five to 10 minutes long, with short bursts of hard work in that time,” he says. Thomas trains her according to her movie roles, so the actress has been training like an MMA fighter lately. “Our routine is 70% boxing, martial arts, and strength and conditioning, while the rest is sports performance training with kettle bells, sand bags, and weights.”

Berry’s goal for 2020 is to earn a blue belt in jiu jitsu, “She does pull ups better than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Halle Berry and stunt double Anisha Tee Gibbs

3. The practice of visualization. “Once she sets her mind on something that’s it" says Thomas who believes you have to picture what you want in order to achieve it. He made the actress print out photos of people who had the abs that she wanted as motivation to get there. He also incorporated specific exercises for core strength. “We started to target her lower abdominals with ab-toning movements using a pull up bar, olympic rings, and the bike.” 

Halle Berry and trainer Peter Lee Thomas

4. Most importantly she has a rest day to recover!

Check out Peter Lee Thomas' ab workout for amazing abs like Berry!


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