HBO series Watchmen's approach to race

The superhero TV drama can be considered a sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' comic graphic novel, Watchmen. The show has won a prestigious Peabody Award. Check out the show's approach to race in the series first episode below.

  • The HBO series goes into America's racial history. The first episode of Watchmen starts with the 1921 riots against African Americans in Tulsa.
  • Tulsa has been making headlines, with President Trump's rally scheduled on June 19th (which he later changed). The date is associated with the end of slavery in the United States
  • In addition, Black Lives Matter protests occurring in recent weeks.

The show premiered in October 2019 and many people, including the show's creator Damon Lindelof, were unaware of these happenings. That has also been a reason of protest, since the fact that very few people knew about the events had to do with the lack of coverage by history textbooks and officials covering it up.

The series starts with a dramatic reenactment of the 1921 Tulsa riot,

Lidelof, also known for "Lost" said: "I consider myself a student of US history and I thought, 'How did this slip through the cracks?'". While the creator had a racially diverse staff of writers he admits having been nervous for its premiere and how it would be received. Worry not Lidelof. The series, which addresses the effects of a traumatic event that affects the collective psyche, might have also envisioned other recent issues. The use of face masks being one of them.

The use of face masks which nowadays is the new normal

The Peabody Awards praised Watchmen for its "reflection on contemporary racialized violence, on the role of police, and on the consequences of a large-scale disaster on the way Americans understand their place in the world."

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