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Gigi Hadid: From modeling to cooking shows!

The American model is a big fan of cooking shows, but can she cook? Scroll down to find out!

  • In 2016, the British Fashion Council named her International Model of the Year.
  • She co-designed a collection with Tommy Hilfiger called Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Hadid confirmed her pregnancy in April 2020. She and boyfriend English singer Zayn Malik have been dating since 2015.

In June Gigi was on the Food Network cooking show Beat Bobby Flay, which she claims is her favorite. The show was filmed in October 2019 and the model was teamed up with celebrity chef Anne Burrell. In the reality show two chefs have to battle it out first and the winner faces Bobby Flay with their own signature dish.

Hadid loves food and said she has a farm where she grows her own food. "I'm, like, cooking and watching Food Network,” she explained. “I love it, it’s what grounds me” she said. While Gigi was there to encourage the chefs and try the food, at one point she rolled up her sleeves, took off her rings and surprised Bobby by helping him make falafel. Flay was very impressed by her skills, and Hadid confessed she used to make it quite often. “I used to go to this restaurant and make falafels in the back.”

Gigi helps chef Bobby Flay make falafel Source: Food Network
Gigi Hadid and chef Anne Burrell on Beat Bobby Flay

But this wasn't Hadid's first time on a cooking show. In fact, in 2016 she competed on MasterChef Celebrity, and won! At the time the model described herself as the "biggest foodie ever". She donated the $25,000 prize to charity The Global Lyme Alliance for Lyme Disease. She chose that charity because her sister and brother are both affected by Lyme Disease. The Palestinian-Dutch American model loves to cook and does it frequently. 


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