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Get all the insights into The Venice Film Festival 2020

The 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival is being held this year in spite of the CVID-19 pandemic. Everybody is happy about it and feels things are going back to normal. The truth is that many things are different this year due to the pandemic but organizers managed to put together a great edition of the important film festival.


  • The Venice Film Festival's first edition was a great success, gathering more than 250.000 people in 1932. -
  • It takes place in the Lido, a little island in Venice, attendants arrive and leave mostly by taxi boats.
  • Every year, the jury decides who takes with The Golden Lion Award For Life Achievement home the most important one in the festival.

2020 has been a year without precedent, the world literally shut down in March and has just started to reopen again this month. The Venice Film Festival is the first industry festival to be held this year. Of course, it has suffered some modification but not too many, lets talk about them.

An outside look of the 77th edition of the festival.No audience around.

First, all attendants must wear face masks to prevent spreading COVID-19. It's good to see them wearing them, it makes people get used to them. Second, some screenings are outdoors and the ones indoors holding fewer people than usual. The number of films participating in the festival has also suffered modifications. This year's edition has fewer US movies which give it an independent flavor.

Tilda Swinton and Pedro Almodovar worked toghether in the short film "The Human Voice"

Another curiosity of this year's edition of the oldest film festival of the industry is that they built some kind of wall around the red carpet to keep the audience away as social distancing is crucial to prevent contagion. Stay alert for more news related to the festival.

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