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Get a sneak peek to the secrets of Savage X Fenty Show Vol.2

Since last year's edition, we are all expecting the Savage X Fenty Show to happen again. Our prayers were finally heard, and the second volume of the event will take place today on October 2, 2020. Of course, we were collecting some exclusive information for you! Scroll down to know everything!

  • The singer Rihanna, has her 'Fendy' brand since 2017.
  • She started the business with cosmetic products, but then she expanded the business with lingerie in 2018, giving birth to 'Savage X Fenty.'
  • On Friday 2, October, the new edition of the Savage X Fenty show will be available for the fans.

This awaited show will be available on Prime Video for more than 240 countries on October 2. It features pieces from the new Fall's lingerie collection of the artist's brand. 

'Savage X Fenty' shared a sneak peek of the making of the event to the press. On it, the singer said, “We’re in wild, uncharted times right now.” We believe you, Rihanna!

The artist designed multiple sets to preserve anyone's safety. Three of the sets are called Garden of Eden, Black Widow, and Dear Diary. So creative! 

Irina Shayk and Laura Harrier in the Garden of Eden. Source: Dennis Leupol

In the Garden of Eden, the goddess Laura Harrier and the supermodel Irina Shayk are shining in electric purple and pink suits. 

Willow Smith at Savage X Fenty Show. Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

The actress and activist for human rights, Indya Moore was present in the Black Widow room, while on another set the musician Willow Smith, who recently joined the brand's family, was surrounded by dancers under neon green lights.

 Parris Goebel at the Savage X Fenty Show. Source: Dennis Leupold

The choreographer Parris Goebel was present in the Dear Dairy room with some thin lines painted on her face while the singer Lizzo was in another set covered by diamonds with an electric blue bra. 

Lizzo at the Savage X Fenty Show. Source: Dennis Leupold

When Rihanna was asked about the casting process for the event, she told Vogue that  “It is about who gives me what I want to feel (...) I don’t care about size, shape, or color; I embrace all types of women.” 

All the artist's collection will be available in sizes that go from 30A to 42H and 46DDD, as well as XS to 3X. It seems to have options for all kind of bodies! Great news!

We can't wait any longer to see the show today. This will be for sure an outstanding experience full of talented stars and a variety of bodies, for all of us to feel represented. 

Rihanna for Savage X Fenty Show.

The clothing industry sometimes can be harsh with the non-hegemonic bodies. We are glad that the musician took into account this situation, when making her lingerie. The artist underwear's brand was thought for all of us! Thank you, Rihanna!

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