Billie Eilish smiling singing live Billie Eilish smiling singing live

Billie Eilish's positive vision for 2021

2020 was a year to forget. Except if you are selling vaccines. Luckily, Billie has a message of hope for 2021, and it's heartwarming. Millions are watching this young artist, and she has already become a political figure. Watch the video below!

  • The American pop idol performed in August in the famous Washington NPR tiny desk concerts with her brother Finneas O'Connell where she shared her thoughts.
  • Due to the pandemic, they recreated the office in their Los Angeles home and played "My Future" and "Everything I Wanted".
  • Musicians like Coldplay, Harry Style, Sting and Carly Rae Jepsen performed at the National Public Radio.
  • The idea started when the radio host Bob Boilen complained that he couldn't listen to live music due to the noise in a bar.
  • After that, they started inviting several artists and as of now, they got over 2 billion views on YouTube.
  • Billie told her opinion about the future, and it's super deep!

The concert that started everything 

Finneas and Billie performing. Source: NPR/DailyMail

This sibling duo is one of the most beloved in the music industry. From their home in Highland Park, in northeast Los Angeles, they recreated the famous studio by putting a cardboard screen behind them.

Positive attitude

Billie smiles for the camera during the interview

In the middle of the pause, Billie expressed their opinion about the future despite the pandemic and the social protests across the United States

"I think the future is something to be super hopeful in, and the unknown and what is to come. We'll be okay one day."

Now that the vaccination has started in the United States and the world, the star hopes to start performing live again

I miss my fans. I know every artist says the same, but I honestly think they are the best in the entire world


Finneas and Billie during an interview. Source: Getty Images

After their performance of Everything I wanted, the singer revealed that the song wasn't about a boyfriend, but her relationship with her brother Finneas. He is also very political and shares his mind via Twitter, where he has 380.000 followers. 

She turned 19 and has the world ahead of her. Maybe one day we see her as our President. Maybe not. We just love her energy, positive attitude and how she promotes nonprofits and animal-rights organization. Maybe I am being naive right now, but at her age I also saw the world as a wonderful place and Billie has given me again hopes! 


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