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Friend of the Smith’s reveals secrets of the relationship

After the scandal declarations of Jada Pinkett Smith, who admitted publicly that she had an affair with rapper August Alsina during a brief crisis with Will Smith, a close friend who remained anonymous filtered some information to the media. Check it out!

  • At the time, the couple was separated, and they "couldn't stand being together".
  • Fans started to trigger rumors of infidelity from Will Smith towards his wife, specially with the co-star of the actor in the movie "Focus", Margot Robbie.
  • The close family friend claimed that Jada "destroyed" Alsina, and that he told the truth for "publicity".

The friend claimed it was all an act of revenge and to get publicity. Alsina wasn't getting much attention lately and his music career started to decline.

After his declarations, he gained thousands of followers in his social media outlets and started trending. He also did it supposedly for revenge because Jada Pinkett Smith never acknowledged him or his relationship, and he "lost friends because of that".

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith

In her Facebook Watch program, “Red Table Talk”, which has 7.1 million followers, the 48-year-old actress revealed that it was only an "entanglement" and not a "relationship”, like Will was asking which left the fans crazy and concluded in several memes with the face of the actor about to cry! The video got over 

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