Danae Mercer post about body shaming

Fitness influencer reveals tricks for "fake" social media

Danae Mercer, fitness expert from Dubai, shared the secrets behind a good photo shooting. She also advised viewers not to believe everything they see in social media. After her posts, she went from having 700.000 to over 1.000.000 followers. Check out why her message is so important. 

By  Estefanía Martínez
Danae Mercer showing her tricks

The journalist revealed several tricks, and she had a powerful message behind. 

What we learned from her post is:
1) Don't believe everything you see in social media.
2) Accept your body.
3) Models are professionals who know how to pose.
4) Show yourself the way you are, without Photoshopping your pictures.
5) Play with poses and lights until you are happy with the result. 

"Accept yourself the way you are" Danae Mercer

She also shared a powerful message showing a black woman holding a sign making consciousness for everyone to accept their identities and bodys. 

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