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First words of Meghan Markle’s father Thomas after new book

The biography "Finding Freedom" about the difficulties of Meghan and Prince Harry in the royalty world is promising to be a best-seller. Her dad, who is mentioned a lot in the book, had some things to say. Read them below.

  • Thomas Markle was in the eye of the storm because he didn't go to their wedding.
  • He managed to cut a deal and take 30% of 130.000 dollars a magazine earned for photos of Thomas going to a shop to read about her daughter’s event: it was all a lie.
  • Prince Harry "shouldn't be complaining" in these hard times, he stated.

The book, written by British and American journalists, details the situation before Harry and Meghan decided to leave their royal duties. It also shows how difficult it was for them to live and work with the old systems of Buckingham Palace. The celebrity couple decided they wanted to have a "normal" environment for their son Archie to grow up, away from all the chivalry the monarchy implies.

Thomas, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Source: Adobe

Thomas read the first extracts of the book and stated 'I love my daughter but I really don't appreciate what she's become right now".
On Amazon UK(United Kingdom), the book is already a bestseller, despite not being released.

The book is already a best seller

Everyone is expecting to get to know intimate details about the couple!

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