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Fans believe Kim Wexler was a part of Breaking bad all along

During the five seasons of Netflix series Better Call Saul viewers have grown fond of actress Rhea Seehorn's character. Her role as Kim Wexler has a big transformation at the end of season 5 which led fans to believe Wexler might have been part of  Breaking Bad all along.

  • Kim has always been there for Jimmy, which is played by actor Bob Odenkirk. She's the one who always supports him and helps him get out of trouble.
  • Fans have been waiting for the couple to part ways, but the moment never comes.
  • When Jimmy changes his name to Saul, you'd think it's it for Kim, but instead they get married.
  • The only thing that can make her leave Jimmy would be the tragic exit fans had been waiting for until the end of this season.

Just when you think Kim is going to leave Jimmy she comes out with a marriage proposal. Here's the clip to episode 6:

It seems like the duo is inseparable. Is Jimmy turning Kim over to his side? By the end of season 5 Kim suggests the biggest scam yet that would ruin Howard Hamlin's career and life. Even Jimmy is skeptic about this move. Fans have their own theories on how Kim is actually still married to Jimmy in Breaking Bad and how they both sit on the couch talking about Heisenberg. Others say Kim is long gone because of the way Saul Goodman deliberately flirts with his assistant.

Has Jimmy turned Kim over to the dark side?

Fan theories may be possible since Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan never intended for Odenkirk's role to have a backstory. Viewers never get to explore Saul Goodman's life so anything can be possible. No one knows what will happen with Kim but one thing is clear, her marriage to Jimmy or should we say Saul, is merely a business move. While it prove she loves him, it also builds up to be a possible future con.

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