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Ex Jackson’s bodyguard spoke about "secret children’s room"

Matt Fiddes, the former private security officer of singer Michael Jackson gave his opinion on the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, the true story of what happened behind the pop star surreal mansion where he invited children to play and stay. The documentary is made from the which denounced that the deceased singer had a hidden place to sexually abuse minors. Both men are now around 40 years old and it's the first time they spoke the truth about what happened. And the testimony of Fiddes gaves a new explanation. Check it out.

  • In 2005, Michael Jackson was brought to trial for child abuse cases and was found not guilty.
  • Famous actors Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin testified in favor of the music star.  

Accusers claim he abused minors, and Fiddes says there was actually a secret room in the house. About that, he commented "The guy was a billionaire and it was completely normal to have a panic room ... you would push a door and there were things there to keep him entertained for a few days until a problem was solved".

Fiddes and Michael Jackson

He also commented they used the room for times when people were parachuting around Neverland (the ranch in Santa Barbara, California) and they would stay there until they assured the safety of the surroundings.

Neverland Ranch. Source: Business Insider

Fiddes also claims the children were motivated by their parents to tell lies in order to get money from Michael "everybody wanted to take money away from him in different ways". 

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