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Emilia Clarke bursts into tears with her brother's gift

The English actress who portrayed Daenerys Targaryen in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones wasn't the only Clarke in the show. Her older brother, Bennet Clarke was an assistant cameraman.

  • The actress confessed during a BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show that she had never taken any props from the show.
  • Listen to the full interview in the video!


Game of Thrones aired their season finale episode in 2019 leaving many fans dissatisfied and one very dissatisfied Emilia. The actress repeatedly asked for the production team to give her any props from the show, but never received any. Her older brother who also worked on the show as an assistant cameraman surprised her this past Christmas with a Targaryen flag. The actress burst into tears and also confessed she now ha a total of eight props!

Emilia Clarke was surprised by her brother's Christmas gift

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