Tesla Shorts

Elon Musk makes Tesla shorts...and they sell out in minutes!

If there is something the South African entrepreneur and celebrity can do is selling. Basically, if he launches any product, no matter what, it will sell. From our experiences with the Tesla Truck which he broke during his launch and his flame thrower, here is a new product nobody expected: shorts. And he sold them all. Check it out!

Elon Musk supports Kanye in his presidential campaign and you know who he didn't support? Financial short sellers. In a move to mock them, he launched "short shorts" at the price of "only" $69 dollars. Why did he do it? To keep a promise he made when his company’s shares outperformed the general Wall Street expectation.  It's basically a way of saying "if you don't believe in Tesla, this is what you get". 

Only after a few minutes after he posted that the shorts were available online, the Tesla Website’s server broke down for the traffic the website was getting.

Elon Musk Twitter posts

Genius or stupid? That’s the debate nowadays, but it seems, that Musk, always finishes his day with a smile. 

They are now, back available.

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