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Elon Musk and Kate Moss: the two revelations of Amber Heard

New allegations from Amber Heard during the London trial of actor Johnny Depp and newspaper "The Sun" have come to light. Check them out!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Heard testified that his ex-husband not only hit her but also his ex-girlfriend, British diva and model, Kate Moss.
  • The model told that Depp would splash his money when he was with her. They even stayed in $20.000 per night hotel in Paris, although she had an apartment in the same city.
  • Heard said she heard this story "from two people, and it was ok in my head". She also declared she hit Depp once in defense of her sister, after new pictures of Johnny hurt came out to light.

Another revelation of the London trial: Depp’s lawyer, Eleanor Laws, revealed several text messages between Tesla’s owner and CEO Elon Musk with the actress. One time he offered her his security team to protect the actress from Depp’s aggression and wrote "I'm only doing is because I like you a lot". The messages would confirm an infidelity from the actress, but she defended herself saying "at the time we were only friends".

Amber Heard and Elon Musk

The former couple New York building's security guard, Alejandro Romero, reported that he saw Elon Musk "several times a week when Mr. Depp was not at home."

Johnny Depp during his trial. Source: PA

This is the third week of the trial and new information and photos are coming to light. How will it end? Keep tuned!

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