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Drama and Accusations on Famous Netflix Series “You”

Actor Penn Badgley is very disturbed by allegations against You co-star Chris D’Elia, the actor responds on Twitter about the chaotic situation. Actor D'Elias was accused of misconduct and co-star Penn Badgley has responded to his actions. Read more here

  • 'You' actor Penn Badgley has reacted to his co-star’s, Chris D-Elia, when a number of women have accused him of assault and claiming that D’Elia asked under aged girls to send nude pictures. Badgley has stated that he feels “troubled and disgusted” and has been reflective on what role the Netflix Series 'You' may have led to this behavior.
  • Chris D’Elia has denied allegations against him and there is yet to take legal action.

Penn has stated that he has been looking out for his own conduct and that he is grateful to have upheld a respectable level of behavior through his life and women. He believes that there needs to be a change in society and culture, and that D’Elia’s behavior has been clearly reprehensible and anti-human.

Actor Chris D'Elia accussed of "preying on" young girls

The accusations of the assault rose up after a Twitter user, Simone Rossi, tweeted about how ironic it was that Chris D’Elia was portraying a pedophile on the Netflix Series by sharing her own experience with the actor. Rossi later on accused Chris D’Elia of asking her to send him nude pictures during an exchange of emails. Rossi felt that she was being “preyed on”, especially being under aged. Chris has yet to comment and respond after the accusations.

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