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Do celebrities have Instagram accounts for their friends?

A new book has revealed that Prince Harry had a private account called SpikeyMau5, in reference to the DJ Deadmau5 in order to speak and send pictures to Meghan Markle. Fans found out about the account after the Suits actress was one of the two people who followed it. Could other celebrities be doing the same?

By  Estefania Martínez
  • British and American journalists Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie will publish "Finding Freedom" on August 11th.
  • The book promises to reveal several royal secrets and might give the readers a glimpse of the inner circle in the life of a royal family member.
  • Several celebrities use the tactic of Prince Harry in order to keep updated with their friends and share their private pictures.

Other privacy tactics use by famous people are using cartoons as profile pictures. On Facebook, Harry was from Botswana, a country where he often went and his name was Spike Wells.
Prince Harry in Botswana

Because they had to keep their dating a secret at the beginning of the relationship, Megan just shared pictures in London, but Harry was nowhere to be seen.

The secret Instagram account

They made their commitment public in the Invictus Games (sort of Olympics for army veterans who were wounded during service) in Toronto. After that, they started seeing and flying back and forth until their incredible royal wedding, one of the most viewed television events in the last decade. After these stunning revelations, celebrity fans are trying to discover which private accounts belong to their idols! Hide-and-seek has officially begun!

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