Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Diva Jennifer López is close to buying the New York Mets

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, are close to buying the baseball team of the MLB, New York Mets. Combined, the couple has a net worth of almost $800 million dollars, so they can certainly buy a lot of things. Find out the details below

By  Kelsey Miller
  • JLo´s net worth is  approximately 400 million dollars. 
  • She is constantly in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list
  • She earns money from movies and TV shows, as well as advertising for her own brands and fragrances. 

They are both raising capital from JPMorgan bank. The current owner of the team is Fred Wilpon family, a New Yorker real estate mogul who loss almost $700 million with the Ponzi scheme created by the famous Bernie Madoff. He and his family, who are in the Mets board, are willing to sell 80 percent of their shares if they can keep controlling the decisions. 

Jeff and Fred Wilpon, NY Mets owners. Source: Newsday

It could be a risky investment, considering the amount of money it implies and that is a difficult business to handle. Economic experts are expecting a 2020 full of millionaire loses taking into consideration that the stadiums will be empty. It surely won't be a problem for JLo, taking into consideration that she is an incredible entrepreneur.

JLo with a NY cap

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