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Director J. Cameron reveals insane car inspired by Avatar movie!

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a unique futuristic car, which is so unbelievable that seems a dream came true for Tom Cruise “Mission: Impossible” famous chase scenes! Keep reading as we unveil the greatest car of all time inspired by Cameron's movie “Avatar”!

  • “Avatar” was realized in 2009 a box office hit that grossed $2.79 billion worldwide.
  • The Sci-Fi futurist movie was nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and won three for Best Visual Effects, Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography.
  • The German luxury manufacturer designed a futuristic car called Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR inspired by “Avatar” in partnership with the prestigious filmmaker who directed the movie.

Imagine riding the coolest car that drives using its senses thanks to hi-tech wizardly that means you don’t even need to touch the wheel!

Earlier this year Mercedes-Benz unveiled their vision for the future of automobiles with a futuristic concept inspired by the movie blockbuster Sci-Fi movie “Avatar”. The model is called Vision AVTR, and now we can see it in action!

The design of this incredible car shows how the company, influenced by the film’s strong green message, decided to embrace sustainability. James Cameron, director of “Avatar” gave his input for the design and said that the concept was a preview of the future with sustainable and autonomous machines that will bring a totally intuitive experience to driving.

Only Cameron’s genius mind could come with such an incredible idea! Can you believe that this car doesn’t have a steering wheel! Academy Award-winning director designed a console that would recognize the driver’s breath and heartbeat, so the machine can literally read your mind and take on a wild ride!

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