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Did Actress Bella Thorne scam her fans through OnlyFans site?

The young actress joined the site on August 19th and made over $1 million in a day! This made many people very mad. Scroll down to see why.

  • The 22-year-old actress rose to fame in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up as CeCe Jones.
    Her latest film, Infamous was released in July 2020. 
  • She also directed a film for a pornographic site in 2019.

The Shake it up star joined the uncensored site on August 19th and made $1 million on the first day! On August 25th Bella announced through her Twitter account that she would not be posting any nude photos of herself on the platform.

The OnlyFans site is known for allowing people to post any type of content they want, and it became especially popular among those offering pornographic material, so when Thorne started making millions off the site many people were upset since Thorne was not posting nude photos. People considered she was scamming fans.

Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans on August 19th

On Friday, August 28th Thorne retweeted comments by Baby Gemini (@hedonistlovers). Gemini is a porn performer on OnlyFans and her monthly subscription to the site is $8 for access to explicit videos and photos as opposed to Thorne's whose is $200 for NO nudity.

In the Twitter thread, Baby Gemini said that while Bella might be an advocate for people who are making money by offering explicit footage on the site, her launch on OnlyFans “backfired due to the lack of knowledge pertaining to how OF works." Many more have commented about Thorne on Twitter. 


Baby Gemini reached out to Bella and said that “What happened to the smaller accounts because of the surge [by Thorne’s launch on OnlyFans] IS NOT FAIR… But we can work to fix !!!!! and I KNOW Bella agrees."

Bella's ex-boyfriend Mod Sun also spoke about the backlash Thorne has received. He considers what she did "insulting". Check out the video below to see the full statement.


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