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Demi Lovato takes a strong stance against weight shaming

The American singer has spoken up against the societal standards regarding women’s weight. The songstress shared what she went through during her ‘eating disorder’ recovery. Read below to find out more!

• Lovato has an estimated net worth of $40 million.
• The 28-year-old artist has been nominated two times for the Grammy Award.
• Demi is engaged to the American actor, Max Ehrich. He is well-known for his character ‘Hunter May’ in the movie, ‘Under the Dome’.
• she has 92.1 million followers on Instagram.

Demi Lovato. Source: Getty Images

Passing comments on a person’s body can be extremely hurtful. Demi, like many other women, has been a target to body shaming. This led to the songstress speaking about how absurd this mentality is.

During her interview at ‘The Ellen Show’, she opened up about the struggles she faced with her managing team. She confessed how she had a watermelon cake instead of a birthday cake for the past six years.

Lovato has always been honest about her eating disorder. She was forced to avoid carbs to lose her weight, which affected her mental health.

To overcome the negativity around her, Demi appointed a new managing team. The manager – Scooter Braun, was very supportive of her. He didn’t make her follow a strict diet-chart or restrict her from eating her favorite treats.

According to the singer, a person should be known by what’s inside rather than his/her appearance. Their accomplishments should be brought to focus and not their body weight.  

The artist released a song called, ‘I Love Me’. This song tells us to love ourselves and be confident in the way we’re built.

Check out Lovato’s new song below!

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