Demi Lovato reveals intergallactic experience

Demi Lovato shares her intergalactic experience on Instagram

I knew Demi was not from this planet! The 28-year-old singer is on fire these days trying to be a great mass influencer. First with the song Commander in Chief addressed directly to President Trump and now she reveals life on other planets. Don't miss the details below.  

  • Demi Lovato is a 28-year-old American singer who started out as an actress in Disney's Camp Rock in 2008.
  • The famous singer has amassed more than 94 million followers on Instagram.
  • She's been in the spotlight for her split from actor Max Ehrich last month. Demi seems to be doing just fine by herself the singer hasn't even spoken publicly about the subject. 

In her most recent Instagram post, the I Love Me singer shows a surprising video where you can see what looks like an unidentified flying object.

The former Disney Channel star added in the caption that she has been in Joshua Tree for a few days with loved ones and Steven Greer, a specialist in UFOs.

She actually spoke about this subject on a personal esseay

Apparently what led her to visualize this phenomenon was meditation.

The 28-year-old singer urged all her fans to download the C5 app in order to get instructions for these interplanetary connections.

It should be noted that lately several phenomena have been seen in the sky worldwide.

Could it be that we are approaching a new era of humanity? Are our friends from space coming to visit us or will we need the help of the Avengers to defend us?

We'll keep you informed folks. Thank you, Demi, for the exclusive.

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