Demi Lovato reveals how she found out her love for women Demi Lovato reveals how she found out her love for women

Demi Lovato reveals how she found out her love for women

Singer Demi Lovato hosted a show on Facebook with Queer Eye's Tan France in honor of Coming Out Day. If you want to know how the singer  knew that she not only liked boys but was also interested in girls, keep reading.  

  • Demetria Devonne Lovato was born 28 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the U.S.
  • She has amassed over 93 million followers on Instagram and has grossed an estimated net worth of $40 million throughout her career. 
  • The singer recently called off her engagement with the actor Max Ehrich after 6 months of relationship. So she's back in the game boys and girls!


The Still Have Me singer and the famous host sat down to talk about their personal experiences and how they decided to let the world know how they wanted to live their lives.

Coming Out Day commemorates the way in which members of the LGBTIQ + community opened up to their world.

Nobody can live hidden or repressed by the opinion of others, it is not fair.

Who has the power to give comment or command on the tastes or the life of others?

This is why Coming Out day is very important as is Pride Day.

The iconic kiss between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions.

Singer Demi Lovato proudly said that the movie Cruel Intentions moved something inside her.

The iconic scene of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair sitting on the grass shook more than one world.

Demi Lovato holding hands with her friend Lauren Abedini at Disneyland

From then on, the singer of I Love Me decided that she would like to try new things, and she did so at 17.

When Tan France asked Lovato how she opened up to the world, she answered that she did it in stages.

First friends, then her parents and lastly the fans.

She also thanked life for having been understood by all her environment and emphasized that not everyone has the support of their loved ones.

If only we could put ourselves in each other's shoes.

Finally, the 28-year-old singer revealed that many of her songs were inspired and written for girls.

How could we not realize that? I don't know about you but I'm going to look  into every Demi love song with a magnifying glass.

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