Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox joins Jennifer Aniston in the face mask use

The Hollywood model and actress joined her friend Jennifer Aniston publishing a cute video with her dogs while promoting the use of face mask in a positive way. Check it out!

  • She was born in Alabama and her first big role was in Jim Carrey’s "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" film.
  • Courtney Cox is known for playing Monica Geller in the NBC famous series Friends.
  • Her net worth is $150 million and managed to earn up to $1 million per episode.

The only caption was a heart shaped emoji and nothing else. She got more than 3.5 million likes in a matter of hours and comments like "the puppies are adorable", "wear your masks", "I missed your posts" and even one joking around saying "So, you're saying if I wear a mask you will be attracted to me?"

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Apparently, Courtney and Jen will be spending more time together. Rumors about a new season of the series "Friends" have been confirmed.

Friend´s Reunion!

Check out this video to see more about it!

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