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Comedian Amy Schumer reflects on the show with her husband

The Emmy-winning comedian married chef Chris Fischer in 2018. This year during the pandemic the Food Network offered them a cooking show, and they both said "yes". As the show came to an end Schumer reflects on the experience she shared with her husband. Enjoy their first episode below.

  • The couple who has a one-year-old son, Gene, filmed the show from their home.
  • Chris Fischer cooked at famous chef Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo when he was 25.
  • The show is called Amy Schumer Learns to Cook and below are some of Schumer's reflections on her experience.

Amy Schumer had revealed that she had no idea of how to cook so when her husband asked her at the end of the season what she had learned the comedian answered that it had been a roller coaster. “I didn’t really realize that I could make anything,” she explained. "It was really fun and really rewarding.” 

The show premiered May 11th and the last episode was aire on June 1st.

Some of the dishes they made were lamb sliders and chicken wings. Schumer even called her friend, actress Jennifer Lawrence in one episode and asked her for her roast chicken recipe.

Schumer says the show was a "journey" and that the biggest gift was that she got to learn from her husband. 

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