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Colin Farrell’s shocking Penguin transformation in Batman

Fans were unable to recognize the famous Irish actor when he changed into Penguin in the new ‘Batman’ film. They initially got confused about whether the role was actually being played by Farrell himself. His conversion was so startling that the audience thought that he was the American actor, Richard Kind. Read below to find out more!

• The 5ft10 tall film star has previously been in a very intimate relationship with Amelia Warner.
• Farrell is known for his movie ‘Total recall’ and is 44 years old.
• The celebrity grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and has a net worth of $80 million.

Collin Farrell. Source: Twitter

2021’s most awaited movie has revealed his overwhelming list of villains. Colin’s character as ‘Penguin’ has caught the most attention.

The role is one of the most famous ones of the Batman series. Danny DeVito, the American actor, and producer, portrayed it in the most dramatic way when he starred in ‘Batman Returns’ in 1992. This time the Hollywood hunk has amazed viewers with the unidentifiable transformation.

Robert Pattinson, ‘The Twilights’ stunning hero, has been casted as Batman this year. A glimpse into the first full trailer and admirers of the movie had started wondering about the brief shot of Farrell. Some were pretty sure that they had spotted Richard King as the supervillain. Anyone can be tricked because of the utter resemblance. The makeup artist has done an outstanding job. 

Watch below the trailer of the movie right below!

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