Chris Evans shared a funny throwback picture with bro Scott Evans

There's something about photos from the past that celebrities love. They are not the only ones, though we all like to see each other in the past and laugh a little at our retro looks. Read on for all the details on this funny Captain America's throwback picture with his brother back in 1998.

  • Chris Evans is a 39-year-old American actor mostly known for his role as Captain America in the MCU.
  • Scott is his 37-year-old younger brother and also an actor who became relevant for his role as Oliver Fish in NBC's soup opera One Life to Live.
  • These two brothers are really close not only in age but are also very good friends and hilarious together. Scroll down to see a video that proves it!

Among the stories about politics and support for Joe Biden by actor Chris Evans, we found this jewel from 12 years ago with his brother Scott.

The original post is from Captain America's brother, so there we went to his Instagram account to get all the details of the publication.

The caption reads that it is from 1998 and how simple life was in those days when what mattered most to Scott was the sound of his teenage voice in the school play West Side Story.

This is the story that Chris Evans shared over a month ago on Instagram

He then makes a funny reference to that  Instagram story of Chris where he laughs that he never knew what it was like to be tan.

In fact, the 39-year-old actor is quite pale.

We still love him! That is fixed with a little self-tanning or a romantic beach getaway, with me of course!

We love that the stars show us how normal they were in the past because it reminds the fans that they're just like everybody else and brings them closer to the earth.

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