Jimmy Kimmel hosting the emmy 2020 awards

The most accurate Emmy Awards 2020 winner's predictions

Oh, it's time ladies and gentlemen. It's time to place your bets. Because you are in this exact moment reading the world-class-famous Yaay winners prediction of 2020. More than 150 years ago, our grand-grand-grandfathers started this great tradition, even before the Grammy Awards existed. But since then, it's been a guessing the whole world is expecting. Read below to see the future!

  • According to statistics experts, Yaay predictions on the Emmy Daytime Primetime nominations have a 99,9% of certainty.
  • 149 out of 150 of the richest people in the world according, started their wealth by gambling on our predictions (except Jeff Bezos, who was more into books at that time). 
  • What you are going to read below it might be considered a National Treasure. 
  • We advise to share it only with people you like. 
2012,2016 and 2020 host Jimmy Kimmel hosting the Emmy Award

After we carefully did the ritual (no animals were harmed doing it since 1887), asked the crystal ball and discussed it with the great jury located in the mountain peak of Denali, Alaska, at 20,310 ft, the results are there. 

We love to laugh. Who doesn't? The comedies are getting every year better and 2020 is no exception.

Our top 3 comedy series that were nominated are “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Schitt’s Creek” and “The Good Place”.
The wind has gone this year to "Curb Your Enthusiasm": Larry David was, is and will be forever a genius. They are going for their 11th season and are still rocking the jokes.

Top 3 actors: Michael Douglas, “The Kominsky Method”, Eugene Levy, “Schitt’s Creek”, Ramy Youssef, “Ramy”.
We are going with Ramy for portraying the Muslim culture and this year will be focused on diversity.  On the ladies side, bet your cards to Alex Borstein.

The jury was really loving these top 3: “Ozark”, “Stranger Things” and “Better Call Saul”.

Going mainstream, the phenomenon of Stranger Things surpassed everything everyone could ever dream of. They are going to win.

Top 3 actresses: Olivia Colman, “The Crown”, Laura Linney, “Ozark”, Jennifer Aniston, “The Morning Show”. Jury loves Jen. And this could mean her first Emmy, and going to work on her comeback to this acting world with 51 years old it's just impressive.

On the men side, be sure to bet on Jason Bateman, “Ozark”. His work was superb and fans commented it on social media.

You are welcome. If you become a millionaire after this, make sure to send us some cupcakes to the office. We will keep them warm until the jury comes down from the mountain. 

Watch this video if you want to see the most incredible nominations from this year:

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