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Chadwick Boseman last statements before his passing

Chadwick Boseman's passing left Hollywood and the entertainment industry shook. Not only our Black Panther was lost, but also a focus of representation of the afro-american community. His last statement on social media was clear. Keep on reading to find out!

• Boseman played roles in many blockbuster movies, such as "Black Panther", "21 bridges" and "Get On Up"
• Chadwick was christian religious and he said he prayed to be the Black Panther before he was selected to that role
• The 6′ 0″ tall actor was also a producer and a screenwriter.

Chadwick Boseman. Source: Twitter

Chadwick Boseman, passed away on August 28th 2020. He fought racism and bigotry until his last days. The actor left a mark not only on the film and entertainment industry but also on the afro-american community as an outstanding activist for the #BlackLivesMatter cause.

All the messages the actor gave through social media before passing were related to the cause in the Hollywood scene.

"Read our letter and full list of demands at #Hollywood4BlackLives" wrote the actor on instagram.

Just a few days before that he also wrote "Understanding our history is one of many ways to break the cycle of racial injustice in this country. Lift up and amplify Black voices. Support Black owned businesses."

Boseman's messages were clear, and intended to educate people on defeding their rights and make good use of them voting this year for the presidential election. He was a great supporter of Kamala Harris. Also, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 election said a few words about the passing of the actor.

 We will miss our black panther, but we will also celebrate and cherrish the legacy he left. Watch video below to know more about him!

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