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Celebrities are joining the #ChallengeAccepted demonstration

Actresses and models like Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez and Gal Gadot participated of the new challenge that has been trending worldwide on social media. Check it out!

  • The new social media challenge has flooded the internet with black and white pictures of women.
  • Main reason behind? For females to feel self-confident and empowered.
  • Other hashtags that people shared with the images are #womensupportingwomen.

This trend started apparently in Turkey, where women protested against femicide (term used for abused and murdered women by their male partners). In that country, men are treated with greater superiority and benefits, like salary, company leadership positions and decision-making.

Jennifer Lopez and her #ChallengeAccepted photo

Jennifer Aniston joined the process and took the opportunity to invite all the women to vote in the next elections and to support laws that protect and encourage them.

Latin actress Salma Hayek also joined the movement and thanked all her pairs who fight against inequality. Finally, the "Wonder Woman", Israeli Gal Gadot also posted her picture and thanked the people who surround her life.


This is a major step around the world towards gender equality and from the Yaay redaction we support every cause that is meant to help, bring joy, peace and equality to this world.

What can you do to help? Try to involve yourself more into politics, go to vote and if that isn't enough, you can also donate to some organizations listed below:

Girl Rising

Planned Parenthood

A Call to Men

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