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Cardi B spent $100K on coronavirus testing for her video WAP

Rapper Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's hit music video featuring Kylie Jenner was shot during the pandemic and it came with a high price. More insiders details below.

By  bwahrmann
  • The song was number 1 on the US iTunes chart as soon as it was released.
  • It caused quite the stir for its provocative lyrics and for Jenner's cameo.
  • Cardi B fans were furious with the cosmetics mogul's cameo but the rapper defended Jenner and said she is unbothered by criticism because 'the numbers speak for themselves.' 

The Grammy-winner revealed that the internet-breaking video cost her $100K on COVID-19 testing. "Everybody on the shoot had to get tested for coronavirus". They also had very strict safety measures. While they had a tiger and a leopard on set, they never filmed with them for safety. "We spliced those scenes together."

The reptiles in the video were not computer generated

Cardi B said that the part where she had to roll around with reptiles was one of the scariest parts. 'I was naked and one of them peed all over me.' 

The video also received lots of praise on social media

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