Can realtors from Selling Sunset afford their lifestyles? Can realtors from Selling Sunset afford their lifestyles?

Can realtors from Selling Sunset afford their lifestyles?

Netflix's reality show Selling Sunset has been released on August 7th and promises to be an even bigger success than the previous ones. Stick around to find out how much these glamorous realtors really earn.

• Twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim run the office. These certified lawyers have a net worth of $50 million!
• The Netflix reality show’s authenticity has been questioned recently due to some TikTok video statements.
• Weddings, divorces, and dramas are what the viewers should expect from this third season.

The Selling Sunset cast lives off comissions

Everyone has been wondering how the realtors of Selling Sunset can afford their glamorous lifes. It's easy to assume they earn a lot of money especially when we see them selling ridiculously expensive mansions in L.A. but is that true?

Mary Fitzgerald revealed during an interview that they don't actually have a base salary and that their incomes depend on the houses sold, so a realtor's salary is commission-based.

The beautiful reality star said 'sometimes we spend months with a client, and then they change their minds' but also that sometimes is the other way around and 'you make a huge commission with very little effort'. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen so often.

In the last season of the show (3), everyone can see who gets the highest commissions, and all the updates on Chrishell Satause's divorce from actor Justin Hartley as well as all the ups and downs of the Oppenheimer staff. Scripted or not the show has been a huge success on the Netflix platform for three seasons in a row.

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