BIllie Eilish BIllie Eilish

Campaign with singer Billie Eilish as generation "z" leader

The German telecommunications' company Deutsche Telekom created an incredible campaign for the new generation and Billie is the symbol. They used also her famous song "When the party's over". Watch the video below! 

By  Estefania Martinez
  • The privacy, style and songs of Billie Eilish became so popular because they reflect the feelings of today’s teenagers.
  • Aside from being talented and winner of 5 Grammy Awards, Billie is loved around the world.
  • She was supposed to make a world tour with only 18 years old but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

In the campaign, the Germans try to make the world understand that digital era is not only fun and superficial gadgets or pointless waste of time, but it is part of the human’s culture, creativity and endless possibilities. 
Being with their mobile screens and with the great connectivity we have nowadays allows people to create, like Billie and her brother Finneas O´Connell, who managed to record and produce award-winning songs in their home studio with "cheap" technology.

Finneas and Billie recording on their home studio.

Internet was also the place where several stars were discovered like Justin Bieber on YouTube or Billie with SoundCloud. Other celebrities that participated on the campaign include climate activist Eirini Vougiouka and UN representative Jahkini Bisselink.

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