Jason Schneidman

Los Angeles celebrity hairstylist homeless makeover

Jason Schneidman is known for working on the hair from TV personalities like James British Corden and Hollywood actors in LA, California. Recently, he started a nonprofit activity where he transforms homeless people´s hair for free. Check this incredible transformation video below.

  • Jason is known for his philanthropic work.
  • He was a drug addict himself, but got rehabilitated, married and now he is a father of two. 
  • One of his videos went viral after he shaved and cut the hair from a homeless man that looked afterwards like a magazine model.
  • Part of the proceeds from his hair products from his brand, The Men´s Groomer, go for charity as well.

Jason is a fundamental piece of action between the LA community. His videos made him popular, but his actions speak louder than anything he could post. Particularly, he got fame after one video of this really good-looking man went viral.

Kobe Bryant and Jason Schneidman

The man is called Michael, he is 30 years old, and he is a drug addict. Despite looking hurt, Schneidman, who also had a time when he was on drug, gave him hope and told him to fix his life, he is still young.

TV host James Corden and Jason Schneidman

The video reached the soul of thousands of people that donated to his charity. More nice souls like Jason are definitely needed in this world!

Learn more about this great man in the following video:

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