Nadezhda Zhúkova

COVID-19 famous Russian nurse quits and is now a model

The Russian woman is called Nadezhda Zhukova, she was a former nurse and images of her working outfit went viral last month of her working in the hospital in Tula, a city near Moscow. Why? She was only wearing underwear. Now, a clothing brand hired her as the new face of the sports outfits. Check this incredible story below.

By  Kelsey Miller
  • She did it saying the COVID-19 Protection Team was too warm.
  • Hospital authorities of the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital sanctioned her.
  • Nadezhda replied there was a lack of adequate clothing for the medical staff.
  • In her Instagram, she has more than 16.000 followers
This was the outfit she wore in the hospital

Apparently, things have turn out good for the former-nurse-now-sports-model after she signed a contract with a sports brand called Zasport. She had to close her social networks after the scandal, but she still received a lot of support from her colleagues.

The founder of the company that dresses the Russian Olympic Team, Anastasia Zadorina, told the media that Zedorina has "become a symbol of the pandemic era". She also offered to help with the Tula Hospital equipment.

Modeling for Zasport

Funny twist of events, right?

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