Britney Spears

Britney Spears assures fans she is fine

The Pop Princess has been under a guardianship for 12 years. Fans have speculated about her well-being but the star assures them she's happy. What is Britney Spears life like? Check out the video below!

  • The star's net worth is of $59 million dollars, but she hasn't had any control over it since 2008.
  • Her fans had started a #FreeBritney movement that resurfaced this past March when Spears was committed to a psychiatric facility, which fans believe was against her will.
  • Fans have even started a petition to help the star hire her own lawyer.

In a conservatorship a guardian is appointed by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another due to physical or mental limitations, or old age. Fans have been fighting against this saying Spears is perfectly ok to manage her own life. In the petition they state: "she is unable to properly fight for her freedom as she isn’t legally allowed to hire her own lawyer. We need this petition so that Britney can hire her own lawyer and live a normal life as a 38-year-old woman with two kids".

Spears has been pretty active on her Instagram and although not everybody might understand her posts or videos the star continues to smile.

The petition has collected 82,000 signatures. Her fans are genuinely worried. They even protested outside of West Hollywood City Hall. After which the star reassured her fans she is ok through a post on social media. "This is me being happy"

A fan tweeted: 'A man has a mental breakdown, he runs for president. A woman has a mental breakdown, she's stripped of all basic rights. Kanye's a joke and #FreeBritney. I hate Hollywood.'

 After Britney's dad stepped down as a conservator her care taker, Jodi Montgomery took over. Now Spears' mother Lynne also wants to have a say in her daughters financial life. Hearings have been postponed until September due to COVID-19. Conservators get paid for their services, from the assets of the person they are taking care of, and they are reimbursed for expenses.

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