British Prince Andrew

British Prince Andrew is afraid to fly to the United States

Queen Elizabeth II son, the Duke of York, is in the eye of the storm. After allegations made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre who accuses the British Royal member of having intimate relations with her when she was just 17 years old, now he is afraid  that disgraced financier Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, might have video and photo proof against him. Read more below. 

  • Prince Andrew is the least popular Royal family member, according to a 2019 survey. 
  • He had booked his holidays in Spain, but preferred not to travel.
  • He is also afraid of flying to the United States to testify in the case because it could be a trap to get him arrested. 

Apparently, every time the Prince Andrew has problems, he goes to the city of Malaga, in the Spain’s coast called Costa del Sol to play golf. Some people have therapy, Prince Andrew plays sports. He also went there after his former friend, Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested in New York in 2019. The FBI accuses the Duke of York for not collaborating with the investigation against Maxwell, who has been arrested in New Hampshire.

Mrs. Allred, the attorney of several victims stated that the Prince is "evading" the authorities from the United States because he doesn't want to be incriminated. 

Things aren´t looking that great for the Prince

Recently, there has been another chaos surrounding the Prince. The British newspaper Telegraph published an old photo of Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sitting in the British Throne from the Queen, something that is totally forbidden. It was during a private tour that Prince Edward was giving for former president, Bill Clinton.

Andrew mentioned he "didn't remember anything about the visit". Apparently, that is an excuse he likes to use often. 

Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sitting on the throne

If he stays within the United Kingdom, he is protected by law just for belonging to the crown. If he doesn't get arrested, people are hoping, that at least, he doesn't get any more luxury vacations around the world and has to stay in his cloudy and cold kingdom.  

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