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The secret behind Brad Pitt's new girlfriend Nicole marriage

The 27-year-old german model, Nicole Poturalski, who was spotted with Brad Pitt in several occasions is apparently married. Her husband is 68 years old and owns a restaurant in Berlin where all the celebrities go. But how is she dating Pitt then? To find out all the details keep on reading!

• Nicole is 5" 10' tall and has a net worth of 1 million dollars.
• The model has appeared in the cover of well-known magazine such as Elle and Cosmopolitan
• Fans were shocked after seeing an incredible resemblance to Angelina Jolie, Brad's ex-wife

Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski and Roland Mery

Nicole Poturalski and Brad Pitt were spotted together in public places such as the VIP section of a Kanye West show for the first time and also in France. The Hollywood star has an incredible mansion and she took her new love to enjoy the European summer. Now it's breaking news that the model is actually married to a 68-year-old German from the capital Berlin.

The model's husband, Roland Mary, is not the first man in the world to find out her wife has a crush on Brad Pitt. Nor the last. Nevertheless, he might be the first one actually having his wife date Brad Pitt.

Roland Mary, Nicole's husband. Source: Twitter

Nicole and Roland have an open marriage. He is very much aware of the affair his wife has with the actor. Apparently Roland has been married 4 times and has 5 children.

The Berlin local is very philosophical, spiritual and profound man who believes in free love. He is not interested in such feelings as jealousy or negativity.

Rumor has it, Brad and Nicole actually met at the restaurant Roland owns in Berlin called Borchardt! Can you believe that? It's the place where high society members and celebrities go specially after the Berlinale, the city's famous cinema festival. 

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