Boxer Floyd Mayweather with a pile of money

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is charging $1000 for a short video

Floyd Mayweather is a moneymaker. His net worth is approximately $600 million. And now, he wants to win even more. He is charging 1000 dollars for a personalized video. Wait, what? There is a mobile app called cameo that allows the user to pay for videos from their favorite celebrities. Check it out!

  • The mobile platform Cameo has been created after the high demand of users who wanted to get in touch with their idols and favorite athletes.
  • The rates vary according the celebrity or athlete you choose. 
  • You can find musicians, actors and reality celebrities like Mike Tyson ($500), Dennis Rodman ($750) and the now retired soccer player Roberto Carlos ($200).

The former boxing champion, who got to earn more than a $100 million for a single fight against Manny Pacquiao (Filipino former boxer, now senator), wants to break more records. You can go from $5 to the most expensive one: Mayweather ($999).

He has been receiving negative feedback for bragging about his money

His goal is to be the first person to earn a million dollars with the platform. He has already a 5-star rating (yes, people actually are paying so much for a 15-second video).


Profile description on the website
Mayweather always carries a lot of cash, jewelry and expensive clothing

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