Borat's famous phrase turned into Kazakhstan tourism slogan

Borat's famous phrase turned into Kazakhstan tourism slogan

After the release of the Borat Subsequence Movie recently on Amazon Prime, this funny character has also reached other countries with his jokes. Kazakhstan for example, turned one of his phrases into its tourism slogan. Can you guess which is the one this country chose? Keep reading to discover it. 

  • The first Borat movie premiered on November 3, 2006.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen is the protagonist of the two movies. 
  • Borat Subsequence Movie is now on Amazon Prime and fans went crazy with a trap that Borat did to Rudy Giuliani with the collaboration of Maria Bakalova. 

The Subsequence Movie of Borat which was written and starred by Sacha Baron Cohen left Pamela Anderson behind and surprises with hidden camera pranks directed at US Vice President Mike Pence, and Rudy Giuliani. 

Borat's movie poster. Source: Getty Images

Nevertheless, Borat didn't change all the stereotypes he shows to us about Kazakhstan, his country of origin. This time the country decided to use it for benefit itself. 

Borat. Source: Getty Image

For the new tourism promotion campaign, Kazakhstan chose to adopt one of the expressions that the character of Borat uses the most. They did it to highlight the best face of the country and leave prejudices behind.

Borat. Source: Adobe Stock

'Very Nice,' is the new slogan for the country's tourism campaign. According to the vice president of Kazakh Tourism, Kairat Sadvakassov, the new slogan, 'offers the perfect description of the vast tourist potential of Kazakhstan in a short and memorable way'.

Apparently, the phrase is having the same success that the movie has, and that's awesome. Every American person that visits Kazakhstan said that phrase at least once when meeting some of their traditions or amazing landscapes. Did you ever visit this country?

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