Breonna Taylor

Beyoncé Demands Justice for Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was brutally murdered on March 13th 2020. Grammy Award winner Beyoncé is fighting and taking action so that the three accused police officers are held accountable. Beyoncé demands justice for Breonna, yet another victim of police brutality. The famous singer states that the 26-year old was wrongfully killed. Read about it below

  • Award-winning singer Beyoncé has stated that uprising against racism hasn’t  been left in second place due to the global pandemic. On the contrary, the whole world is demanding justice for African Americans who have died because of police brutality like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland and many more.
  • Taylor was shot to death at her Louisville, Kentucky home on March 13th 2020. Police barged in without a warrant and entered her property. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired his gun at the officers because he had thought that somebody had broken an entry, the police allegedly shot more than 20 rounds, killing Breonna.
  • Beyoncé urges the police to bring criminal charges against Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove as well as being transparent about the investigation and the police officers' conduct. Lastly, the singer demanded the police department be investigated for its failure to look into the case sooner.
Breonna Taylor, killed on March 13th in her own home

Months after Breonna's death, black activist George Floyd dies due to police brutality making Taylor’s case resurface and reach national headlines. More details surfaced about the incident as people protested across the country and the world. Beyoncé says that the police has "both the power and responsibility to bring justice" to what happened to Breonna Taylor. She is using her viral platform to bring light into the tragedy and demand social and legal justice. Beyoncé stated that they should not let this case fall into a pattern of no action. The singer took it upon herself to lay out several actionable steps that should be taken in pursuing justice for the 26-year-old.

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