Rebel Wilson

Australian comedy actress Rebel Wilson shocking weight loss

The comedian, who was born in Sydney, shared with her fans her weight loss training. It's a combination of battle ropes, boxing and weights. Read below to see her transformation!

By  Kelsey Miller
  • Rebel is known for the movies Pitch Perfect, How to be Single, A Few Best Men and Bridesmaids.
  • Her net worth is $16 million.
  • Pitch Perfect producers didn't allow the actress to lose weight. It was established in her contract.

She has already lost 40 pounds following an Austrian method called "Mayr". The basis for this diet is to chew...a lot: almost 40 times for every bite! The VivaMayr luxury wellness center in the European Alps has become famous for attending celebrities who want to change their weight drastically.  

Viva Mayr Resort

The actress chose the celebrity trainer, Jono Castanoacero to help her with her weights.

Cono and Rebel during a training session

 "Her training is a combination of HIIT (high intensity exercise) with a healthy diet and weights to keep her muscle shape" says Castano, who also helped Chris Hemsworth with his transformation into Hulk Hogan for his next movie. 

Watch how the star trained for a Pitch Perfect scene below:


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