Keke Palmer

And the winner is: Keke Palmer as the host of the 2020 VMAs!

This young American actress was the host of 2020 VMAs. Some people didn’t know her that well but this young lady has been very busy since she was a kid, and has earned the honor to host one of the few big events of this corona year. She was definitely the grand winner of this year.  Let’s meet her, shall we?

  • Her birth name is Lauren Keyana Palmer. She was named Keke by her sister.
  • Keke is not only an actress but also a wonderful singer and more.
  • Started at the early age of nine, and we’ve seen her grow a strong woman who supports her people marching with the `black lives matter´ movement.
  • Her singing performance with bright colors and a great choreography was acclaimed by the public. 

Keke has just turned 27 a few days ago, on August 26th, and she hosted already for great performers such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus. This year’s red-carpet events were incredibly special and this girl knew how to shine.

The 2020 VMAs host first big screen appearance was in the movie 'Barber Shop 2' in 2004 next to actress Queen Latifah. After her debut she moved to California to pursuit her dream of being not only an actress but also a singer, and she signed with Atlantic Records in 2005. Since then, we’ve been seeing Palmer in several TV shows and movies such as Madea’s family reunion (2006), Cleaner, next to Samuel L Jackson and Eva Mendes (2007) or Joyful Noise in which she reunited with Queen Latifah(2012).

Keke at the VMAs 2020

This girl also recorded a studio album called ‘So Uncool’ placed 85 on the R&B chart and was one of the fourth highest paid child star on television earning $20,000 per episode on true Jackson VP in 2008.

Actress, singer, writer, young and talented, Keke Palmer was the ultimate VMAs winner. Do you agree?

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